We provide a range of services for your kitchen including exhaust cleaning, dishwasher vent cleaning, degreasing hood and filters, cleaning ductwork and fans, degreasing roofs, installing access panels plus chains and hinges. 

More than 40 years of award winning service for many of the top chain and independent restaurants, hotels, and institutional clients from Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, Chilliwack, and surrounding areas.

Expertise for Every System

Our experienced technicians provide expertise across every type of system. They are trained and have experience with everything from older systems to the most technologically advanced systems on the market, including hundreds of UV hoods serviced to date.

Additionally, we are able to professionally clean cooking equipment, or your entire kitchen if required, including walls, floors, and ceilings.

With Commercial Vent in your kitchen, you won’t need to worry about your next cleaning. Our exceptional office staff will work with you to organize a schedule for future cleanings, and take responsibility for managing the follow up.

ASTT Certified Technicians

Our kitchen vent cleaning services are provided by ASTT certified technicians trained in the latest fire prevention techniques. This gives them a thorough understanding not only of how to eliminate potential fire hazards from your duct system when cleaning, but also in how to identify and report potential hazards to you. 

Our cleaning service typically includes degreasing of the hood, filters, and all accessible ductwork and fans. We can also bring your system up to current codes by supplying and installing access panels on your duct, fan hinges, or solve your roof top grease problems by installing an exhaust fan interceptor. This interceptor will prevent any grease from coming into contact with your roof surface, and save you thousands in costly roof repairs.

Value Added Services

In addition to our superior cleaning services, we provide the following value added services to assist you in keeping your business clean, safe and free from fire hazards and other risks:

Ultra Violet Hoods

We are experts at servicing the latest technologies in exhaust systems including ultra violet hood cleaning.​

System Design Consultation

Commercial Vent will work with your engineer or general contractor to ensure that all areas of your kitchen exhaust system are accessible for cleaning and meet current codes.

Water Leak Testing

Before commissioning your new kitchen, let our professionals test your ducts for leaks. Leaks in new welded ducts are very common, and cost thousands to try and repair once drywall or ceiling tiles are installed. In fact, once grease has penetrated leaking seams, they can be nearly impossible to repair.
Hinge and Retaining Chain Installation

Hinge and Retaining Chain Installation

All kitchen exhaust systems are required by code (NFPA 96) to have hinges installed. This allows Commercial Vent technicians to thoroughly clean the underside of your fan and the duct below.  In addition, hinges extend the life of exhaust fans.  Without hinges, the wiring can become damaged, and the aluminum housing breaks down more quickly from the stress.
Exhaust Fan Interceptor

Exhaust Fan Interceptor

Install a roof top grease interceptor to ensure that no grease or chemical residue comes into contact with your roof. It protects your roof during the cleaning process, and more importantly between vent cleanings. This interceptor will save you thousands on expensive roof repairs over the years.  Additionally, grease on the roof will void any roof warranty, making this an important item to install both for safety reasons, and to protect your roof investment.
Access Panel

Access Panels

All kitchen exhaust systems are required by code to have sufficient access for thorough cleaning of the duct.  Commercial Vent Technicians can supply and install UL listed access panels into your existing exhaust ducting.  This ensures that all areas of the kitchen exhaust can be cleaned, and negates any potential fire hazard.

Exhaust Fan Access Panels

A recent addition to code requires all fans to have an access opening to allow easy access for cleaning the top side of fan blades.  Additionally it provides a more thorough cleaning of the fan itself. 

Before & After Cleaning

NFPA #96 Frequency Requirements


Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations


Systems serving high-volume cooking operations; 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking 


Systems serving low-volume cooking operations


Systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses, or senior centers

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